What is Mom’s Morning Retreat?

Oct5mtg3Mom’s Morning Retreat offers an opportunity for moms to connect and replenish, to learn and grow, to share and reflect. We provide a trusted and safe place to be seen, to be heard, and to connect with other women.

We meet twice a month, between September and June, from 9:30-11:00am, on most 1st and 3rd Thursdays. We are part of the Grace Episcopal Church on Bainbridge Island, however, we do not deliver religiously based discussions or content. Our conversations include topics such as mindfulness, love, joy, grief and loss, forgiveness, hope, cultivating resilience, compassion, creativity, and play. Each meeting includes insightful topics with expert facilitation, thoughtful discussion, opportunities to listen, and to share wisdom, laughter, tears, and reflections with other mothers.


img_1071-1We are privileged to have expert facilitation provided at most meetings by Bev Gaines, our group’s mentor. Bev is a Life Coach and Spiritual Director, and an experienced mother of two grown children and grandmother of five.

Motherhood is hard. And it’s exhausting. And it’s rewarding. And it can feel isolating. Mom’s Morning Retreat can offer you a tribe, where you will find that we support one another through all trials and successes, where trust is paramount to open up about our lives and relationships, and where you can take a brief respite from the kids (childcare is always available on site with trusted providers). And, you can slowly enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/hot cocoa and a delicious (often home-baked) treat.

All are welcome and we encourage you to bring a friend. Give Mom’s Morning Retreat a try to meet new people and find a welcoming space in this community. You will feel supported and included. Share and be heard by those who have walked the path ahead of you, next to you or are behind you. We promise you will leave replenished and connected.

We all need to find our group, you don’t have to be a D.I.Y.-Mama.

Mom’s Morning Retreat proudly participates in One Call for All. Look for your Red Envelope soon, and remember us when you give! You can also give online by clicking the icon below.

– Tuition doesn’t cover the full cost of offering Mom’s Morning Retreat
– Your donation allows us to provide needed support & community for women & families
– Your gift supports our scholarship fund so no moms are turned away from participating
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