Oct 20th Meeting Announcements

We hope that everyone weathered the storm safely. Please let us know if your family was affected in ways that could use the support of our community so that we may help. Our next meeting is Thursday the 20th, 9:30am.  We look forward to coming together with you to continue Mapping Our One Wild and Precious Life.


  1. This weeks meeting falls on a Conference Day for the Bainbridge Island School District.  We welcome older children who may be home that day from school and we will plan to have extra childcare providers available.  If you plan to attend the meeting and will be bringing additional children with you, it would be wonderful if you could let us know ahead of time so we can have the right amount of extra help.  Please email Becky at whitlock.becky@gmail.com with how many children you plan to bring and what ages.
  2. On November 17 we will be working together to make no-sew blankets for local foster children. Please bring a pair of scissors, or several if you have them, with you to this meeting. If you are able to donate blizzard-weight fleece material in all colors and patterns, that would be appreciated. We can make two blankets per 3 yards of fleece. These warm fuzzy blankets provide a comfort for the children, something of their own, that they can snuggle up to at night. We look forward to this activity every year.


We started by talking about our roots and where we came from. On Thursday we will consider, “Where are you now? Who are you now?” We will examine our unique Wheels of Life, a tool oft used by coaches to examine individual areas of our lives and our levels of happiness and satisfaction with each. This provides us with an opportunity to then be intentional in designing the lives we want, to live our purposes, be integral with our core values, and find our joys.  This will lead us into the next several meetings focused on self-care.

We look forward to sharing the Wheel of Life and discussing where we are now, and who we are now. Bring your enthusiasm, your curiosity and your voice to connect and replenish with our amazing group of moms.

Starting With Your Roots

Each of our lives began somewhere, at some particular time, a part of a particular group of people and community and culture. Our roots started fanning out at that time, at that place. They were nurtured by the light and the air, the food and the drink, the cultural influences and geographical norms that surrounded us, and have helped to influence the character and personality that began making each of us, us.


To Map Your One Wild and Precious Life, we need a place to start, and we will start at the beginning. What is your starting place – geographically? culturally? emotionally? psychologically? The beliefs, customs, values, worldview…all that surrounded our earliest days, helped to create our ‘normal’.  This came from the soil in which we were first planted.

And we have each been transplanted, perhaps several times. We have left communities and joined new ones. We have started our own families. All whilst maintaining some of our original roots where it all began. To gain self-awareness we must understand our roots – they are often buried deep and by bringing them to the light, we gain understanding of our motivations and influences that may continue to affect our daily choices and decisions. In this light, we can now make more conscious choices about how we want to live, how we want to find meaning and purpose.

Together we are forming a deeply grounded root system of support and community. Like Aspen trees, we have spread our roots to grow, nurture and replenish one another. In October, we will form our foundational strength as a community of Moms for this year, and start our exploration into each of our Wild and Precious Lives.

September ’16 Meeting Recap

Our first meeting was on Thursday, September 15th and nearly 50 moms joined us to learn more about the 2016-17 Mom’s Morning Retreat year.

journal-with-sloganIt was jam packed – with moms, with children and with discussion to introduce our year of “Mapping Your One Wild and Precious Life” theme.
Our theme for this year, inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day
, seeks to draw our attention to being idle, to being blessed, to strolling; living in a way to honor this life, and knowing how to pay attention to what you did all day.  The poem invites us to a heart opening and scary question to confront…what will you do with your life? It’s powerful and challenging, and perhaps intended to not be answered.
Bev said that ‘never will this room look like this again,’ the room of our first meeting, this year, on this day at the 9:30am hour.  Many questions came up from our participants, and Bev suggested that these questions get considered by each of us in layers.
  • What does the best or success really look like for me?
  • What is a beautiful life?
  • How do you give permission to yourself to not have to accomplish anything each day?
  • What will I do with this life? NOW?
  • When life goes sideways, how do you map your life and what tracks do you make?
  • How do you make sense of the constant struggle between what needs to get done and being a good mom?
  • Where does a mom find a place to let the darkness our and share with others so that you can see the light?
  • What does it mean to be honest? Why is it scary and take such great courage?
  • How do you build a willingness to see what is really here, not only the fantasy?
  • How does one make the overwhelming large world that we live in, small and with much space?
  • Can one play the big hand in life and always go big…and come out on the lucky side?
  • One can be “good” at a job, at life, but does one always want to be?
  • What is my plan and are these things helping me or keeping me from my best life? How do I say no?
Mom’s Morning Retreat is a safe space to talk about all the emotions that we feel and experience as moms and to have people present who can hold that space for each and all of us.  It is a place of somatic sense as a great gift to ourselves, to notice the physical impacts and wisdom that can oft only come through the body experiences and the heart.
We hope to help one another grow capacity to being mindful in our every day, to focus on each moment, bringing peace and allowing life to go in the direction that it wants and we want it to take.  We will acknowledge the darkness as well as the light, how things do not always go as planned and appreciate the authenticity of living.
Together, let’s talk about what we want from our one wild and precious life and witness the struggle that can create – the struggle to believe that you can give yourself permissions, that you deserve a life of your own in addition to the one you create as a mom, as a partner, as a daughter, as part of a family. MMR is a place for us to replenish and belong among a community of women and mothers.
So our theme asks you:
  • What helps you? What is your North star?
  • What is your compass paying attention to?
  • Where did you begin your journey?
  • Where along your journey are you now?
  • Where will your map lead you?
  • What do you want to take with you? What do you want to leave behind?

A Trusted Place on Bainbridge Island for Mothers to Connect + Replenish

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A Trusted Place on Bainbridge Island for Mothers to Connect + Replenish


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