Next Week’s 1st Meeting

Next week we will start Mom’s Morning Retreat for the 2016-17 year and the Steering Committee cannot wait to welcome everyone to the MMR community.  We selected “Mapping Your One Wild & Precious Life” as this year’s theme, and we look forward to exploring this theme over coffee/tea and tasty snacks while sharing and supporting one another.

Final quote compassWhat does it mean to Map Your One Wild and Precious Life? Though each of our maps may be different, and each of our destinations may be unique, together we may run into Mountains of possibility, Ponds by which we may take time to reflect on our journeys, Forks in the road leading to very different conclusions, and must consider what tools may be useful to Pack on the journey. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What opportunities does life offer? What challenges are thrown your way? How does your style affect your relationships? These questions and more may be considered during our meetings and together we will learn about ourselves.

Join us to replenish your spirit, connect with other moms, know that your children are in trusted hands with our amazing child care staff, and take time for yourself consistently each month.  We look forward to welcoming our returners back and meeting new moms who want to check out MMR for themselves.  All are welcome.  Please visit our website at to find our registration information and learn more.  See you next Thursday, 9:30am, at Grace Church on Day Road.

Fall Into Mom’s Morning Retreat


The Fall Program will start on Thursday, September 15th, 9:30am.  Childcare will be available as of 9:15am. The Steering Committee are excited to bring you a program focused on Mapping Your One Wild and Precious Life this year with Bev Gaines. We will be connecting over coffee/tea and snacks, sharing our stories and experiences, exploring our passions and creativity, and having fun during the first and third Thursdays each month. We look forward to seeing existing members return and welcoming new moms to our group.  Mom’s Morning Retreat is one of the most uplifting times of our week, and we are excited it’s time again to spend time with all of you.



Fall Program to Get Excited About

This fall, we are thrilled that Bev will be offering a two-part Enneagram Workshop in September and October. After completing a free online survey, we will learn from Bev’s expertise and one another about our personality types along the Enneagram.


The 9 types of the Enneagram make up a personality system that teaches emotional intelligence and helps us expand our relationship skills. Let’s learn more about ourselves, about those around us, and in this journey of self-discovery, let’s find ways it can be helpful in every area of our lives. Be sure to check out our detailed page and download the registration form.

A Trusted Place on Bainbridge Island for Mothers to Connect + Replenish

Mom's Morning Retreat

A Trusted Place on Bainbridge Island for Mothers to Connect + Replenish


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