Next Meeting January 20th

Last meeting we began to talk about joy.  This coming Thursday the 20th, Bev Gaines will help us begin to focus more precisely on where each of us is in her individual process with joy.  Recognizing the joy that is immediately accessible in your life starts with knowing where your own two feet are.  Stand in that space and look around.  What are you focused on?  What do you allow to occupy your attention?  Could any of it be shifted to bring a greater awareness of joy to you?  How do you cultivate, maintain, and create more joy?  We will discuss ways to support and enliven this journey together.  Bring your hearts desire.

A Note:  Many of you at the last meeting may remember Bev holding up a book that she is really excited about, and that she will draw upon (in part) as we carry forth.  The book is called “Awakening Joy“, and is written by James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander.  It is available for purchase locally at EagleHarborBookCompany


This next meeting, the Blue Group will do set-up, clean-up, and provide food.  One of your group members will contact you soon via email with details.  Set-up starts at 8:45. 

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Here is a list of the meeting dates for the rest of the year.  We hope you can come to all of them!  Please note that the last meeting is on June 9th.  This is different in that it is the second Thursday in June.  It’s a not-to-be-missed meeting, as we will celebrate our time together this year, working to awaken to the gift of our lives, and unearthing more joy.

January 6 and 20
February 3 and 17
March 3 and 17
April 7 and 21
May 5 and 19
June 9 (2nd Thursday in June!)


Coming soon, there will be a new bulletin board to keep your eyes out for.  It will be by the registration table.  The bulletin board will be where detailed instructions are kept for set-up and clean-up, and also the place where people can post announcements or information for other members of Mom’s Morning Retreat to see.  Space will be limited, so if you wish to post something, bring a business card, or print your announcement on a 3 x 5 index card.  It is also fine to bring a brochure to put out on the registration table, just be sure to take any extras home with you on your way out.  Your small business announcements are welcome.  So also, are postings about household items you wish to find a new home for.

What Are You Doing With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

Have 3 minutes and 45 seconds?  Check out this beautiful and inspiring video:  Reflections of Motherhood