Next Meeting March 3rd

At this week’s coming meeting on March 3rd, we’ll delve into What Gets In the Way of Joy (Part 2).  Last time we faced-up to some tough universal truths.  To refresh our memories, here they are:  “Thing do not always go according to plan”, “Life is not always fair”,  “Pain is part of life”, “People are not loving and loyal all the time”, and “Everything changes and ends” (Richo, D. (2006) The Five Things We Cannot Change. . . and the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them.  Boston, MA:  Shambhala Publications.) 

Now, Bev Gaines is going to encourage us to see some of the things specific to our own lives that we accept as “truths”.  Examples are our feelings, beliefs, our old stories, and old scenarios.  Sometimes we get stuck telling ourselves the same old messages about our lives without really leaving any room for a breath of fresh air to rush in and clear out the dust.  Does this sound familiar?- “Winters are so miserable here!  It’s so depressing.  There’s no sun.  Blech.”  Do we really believe that, or has this become our local fallback story, the thing we say before we even let ourselves think, “Oh, all this rain is so freshening.  I actually can enJOY this.  I’ve got to get my kids out in it.  Let’s go find some mud puddles.”  This is a simplistic example.  It is only meant to make the point that we can allow our perspectives to shift and make way for joy!  Before Thursday’s meeting, try to think about what some of your own standard barriers are to making that shift.


This next meeting, the Yellow Group will do set-up, clean-up, and provide food.  One of your group members will contact you soon via email with details.  Set-up starts at 8:45.

What Are You Doing With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

In the middle of winter, I at last discovered that there was
in me an invincible summer.
-Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus: And Other Essays