Next Meeting April 21st

We’ve covered a lot of ground together this year in what has hopefully been a very thoughtful, heartfelt way.  Even so, self-awareness work is never easy, no matter how gentle the practice may be.  Remember the things that nurture you, and do them!  Are you ready for more? 

We are going to move further into Opening Our Hearts over the next two meetings.  Specifically, we will explore how our relationships and joy interact.  And really, this includes so many aspects of our lives, because we are in relationship with everyone and everything.  Our lives are huge webs of connection, but what do these connections look like?  What do you want them to look like?  How are you in relationship with your houseplants?  Your dog?  Your partner?  Your children?  Do you see familiar roles and patterns?  What do you avoid?  What are you looking for?  Is it joy?  We all have within us the ingredients needed to foster and maintain joy in our relationships.  Let’s pull those ingredients to the front of the cupboard.


This next meeting, the Green Group will do set-up, clean-up, and provide food.  One of your group members will contact you soon via email with details.  Set-up starts at 8:45.


Volunteer Needs for Next Year

Are you interested in getting more involved with Mom’s Morning Retreat?  All of our planning and behind-the-scenes jobs are done by volunteer moms on a Steering Committee.  We meet with Bev Gaines and Debbie Rimkus the 2nd Thursday of each month, and more frequently in the Summer.  Childcare is provided.  Joining the Steering team is a great way to get to know each other and help our wonderful group.

We will have openings this Summer for Newsletter/Publicity, and also for Hospitality.  The Newsletter/Publicity position involves updating this website and blog, and helping to spread the word about our group.  It’s great if you’re organized and like to write!  The Hospitality chair will plan fun icebreakers throughout the year, and also help organize the small groups with their hosting.

In addition to these two Steering positions we’re looking for four to five Small Group Leaders for next year.  This is an easy way to pitch in, with a minimal time committment.  These moms will help lead their small group discussions (with some tips from Bev), and organize their small groups when it’s their turn to host.

If you’re interested in any of these positions, please contact one of our Co-Chairs.  We’d love to talk with you about the possibilities!

Jenny Lange
Carrie Defoe

Remembering Our Caregivers

One of the primary reasons Moms’ Morning Retreat works so well is that all of us moms know our kids are being well taken care of while we meet.  At the end of the year, we would like to present the caregivers with small tokens of gratitude for the quality care they have provided.  At the next few meetings, you will notice a donation basket out for this purpose.  Please know that you do not need to put anything in that basket!  This is completely voluntary.  If you do feel moved to chip-in, thank you!

What Are You Doing With Your One Wild and Precious Life?

Shared joy is double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. -Swedish Proverb
Oh, the comfort – the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person – having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together; certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.  -Dinah Craik, A Life for a Life, 1859