Our Next Meeting is Nov. 17th

Hey, moms! This week, a group activity, should be a fun time! We’ll be putting together no-sew fleece blankets. Mom’s Morning Retreat will donate them for children going into the foster care placement system in Kitsap County. Many of these kids only have the clothes they are wearing, so you can imagine the importance of a fuzzy blanket they can call their own, regardless of where they rest their head at night.
Don’t worry! You do not need any sewing skills for this activity, and we will guide you all along the way!

Also, if you or someone you know has excess fleece material they would like to donate, please bring that (preferably cut in 1 1/2 yard lengths, but we’ll take uncut pieces, as well). We can’t have too much!

We are looking for a few items to help on Thursday. If you are able to share with the group, we’d appreciate it (be sure to put your name on your items for ease in retrieving them at the end of the meeting!):
1. Scissors, sharp, craft or sewing scissors, straight edge or pinking shears
2. Yard sticks

We’ll have snacks, coffee and tea, as usual. It should be a good time to visit with each other while we are creating future treasures for kids just when they need it. We hope you’ll all be able to attend!

Mom’s Morning Retreat Social Night

Come one, come all! Time to chillax (or whatever the kids say these days…). Our fall Social Night will be on Sunday, November 20th, 7-9pm at Emily Sato’s house, 14154 Henderson Road NE (Thanks, EM!). It’s totally come-as-you-are; no stressing on new outfits, unless of course you need an excuse to get one. The Steering Committee will provide snacks and drinks; you provide the fun. Sit back and take a breather with us before the holiday craziness really kicks in. Who doesn’t deserve that?