Mom’s Morning Retreat Mar. 15th Meeting News

Greetings! We hope everyone sprung forward last weekend in a timely fashion, unlike some of us who brilliantly and accidentally missed a class…. Oh, well, another opportunity to let go of perfection, right?!

This week Bev has a fascinating subject for us to discuss–being an authentic parent. These days we have more and more scientific data about brain development, so how do we use that knowledge in the parenting arena while also matching our parenting style to our true selves? Quite the juggling act for the 21st century, isn’t it? It should be a good discussion!

Reminder: No Meeting April 5th!

The first week of April also happens to be spring break for BISD, so please remember Mom’s Morning Retreat will have no meeting that first week. After this week’s meeting, we’ll look forward to the next Mom’s Morning Retreat meeting on April 19th.

And in honor of spring approaching (fingers crossed, right?), we present Carrie’s bunnies, which are only one, cute and precious month old: