Mom’s Morning Retreat April 19th Meeting


Cultivating Creativity: Letting Go of Comparison

Every child is born creative. Each and every child is blessed with a set of unique skills and talents which only require to be polished. ~ Rae Luskin

Thursday morning we will explore this interesting idea that each of us was born creative. Are we aware of our own creativity? What does being creative mean to you? What blocks keep us from experiencing this reality? How will acting creatively impact our life? Come and find out!


In case you missed her lovely note of thanks on our Facebook page (have you “liked” our page yet??), we wanted to express a big THANK YOU for everyone who brought meals to Katie and her family. They were very grateful for the effort, thoughtfulness and easier time the family was afforded by having dinners already made. Who wouldn’t love that?! Thank you, moms, once again for supporting other moms!

See you this Thursday! It’s been too long!