Mom’s Morning Retreat June 7th (Final of the 2011-12 Year) Meeting

Well, as they say, all good things…

We can’t believe it, but it’s true. This upcoming June 7th meeting is our final meeting of the year (September 20th will be the first for the 2012-13 meetings). Hosted by the Steering Committee, this meeting will feature a brunch, a few closing words and a celebration of our year together.

For this week’s final meeting, remember to bring an old photo of yourself for the icebreaker activity. We’d prefer a high school, college or early adult one. Make sure your name is on the back, and we’ll return the photo at the end of the meeting.

Survey Said!

At our last meeting, we took a few minutes to have everyone fill out the year-end survey for member feedback. If you missed that meeting, please click the 2012 Survey and fill the survey out. You can either bring it with you this week or mail your survey to Mom’s Morning Retreat, c/o Grace Church at 8595 East Day Road. We closely read each response and use your feedback to shape our group every year, so please know your comments have enormous value to us and the group as a whole. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and time completing the survey!

We’d also like to say a huge and heartfelt “thank you” to all members for your participation in and support of this group this year. The meetings, the retreat, the activities, none of them would have been as rewarding without you and the vital energy you offer to the group. Thank you!

We hope to see everyone this Thursday, but we’ll also say in advance that we are wishing everyone a warm, sunny summer (both inside and out)!