October 4th Mom’s Morning Retreat Meeting

Happy October, everyone!

You may be wondering with parent-teacher conferences at BISD this week, will we have a meeting? Yes, we will!

This week Bev’s going to discuss navigating the River of Life, or the River of Well-being as Dr. Daniel Siegel calls it, with its opposing banks of chaos and rigidity. Do you float down the center peacefully or ricochet between no controls and too many? We’ll also look at the basics of what science now knows about brain function, which will help to better understand our family, friends and ourselves. It’s sure to be enlightening!


If you have already registered, thank you! If you haven’t yet or have turned in the Registration Form 2012 or Children’s Program Registration Form 2012 (or filled out the online form) without payment, please don’t forget your checkbook this week. While we’re happy to have newcomers check out the group for a couple of meetings, if you have decided to join us for the year, we’d like to complete the paperwork as soon as possible and put those fees towards our expenses, such as child care (which we’re all so grateful to have during meetings!).

We’ll see you Thursday!