Mom’s Morning Retreat Meeting Oct. 18

Fall Greetings, Moms!

The Real Pacific Northwest fall has arrived. Who doesn’t need a little boost right about now?

Come to this week’s Mom’s Morning Retreat meeting (Oct. 18) as Bev leads us in discussing more specifically what Mindfulness is and how we access it. Especially as moms, we often mentally juggle lots of little (and big) thoughts from the past and the future as we blast through the now. Let’s face it, we all need practice opening more frequently to this moment, just as it is, whether it’s the scent of fall in the air or the scent of that wet, dirty dog who just sat down next to you (or is that just me?). What are you noticing today?

Mom’s Night Out

How about practicing being open and present in a casual, smaller group of friends, old and new? Come out for the first Mom’s Night Out at the Harbour Pub on Thursday, Oct. 25, 7:30pm and give it a whirl! And bring a friend if you’d like!

Have a great week, everyone!