Mindful Parenting – Mom’s Morning Retreat Meeting, Nov. 1

It’s Halloween this week. Are you stressing about costumes, class parties and how to dole out candy in the days and weeks to come?

As the Pop Rocks dust settles on Thursday, we’ll take a breath and discuss Mindful Parenting.

What does Mindful Parenting mean to you?

Awakening as a parent could help us see the possibilities, the benefits, and the challenges of parenting with new intentionality. What might help you become mindful in the midst of your day? How might this impact your children?

Fleece Blankets Activity

Our second meeting in November (the 15th) will be making fleece blankets for the Kitsap County foster care program. If you can remember, please bring a pair of scissors. We’ll have some on hand, but any extras to use during the meeting will be much appreciated. Also, if you or someone you know would like to donate extra fleece for this activity, we would be happy to have more fabric to use at the meeting. And don’t be afraid! No super-crafty skill requirements here!

Meeting Start Time

Lastly, just a reminder that since everyone has lots going on these days, we’re working hard to start meetings on time at 9:30am. Childcare opens at 9:15am, so we’ll have chat and snacking time before each meeting begins. Then when 9:30am arrives, we’ll be ready to take our seats and get rolling on the topic.

Have a great Halloween! See you Thursday!