Living Intentionally, Mindfully–January 17 Meeting


My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody
and have the courage to accept the love in return. –Maya Angelou

Living Intentionally, Mindfully–this Thursday’s Meeting, 9:30

The new year brings with it the opportunity to deepen our journey together by exploring what it means to live with intention, mindfully.

Intentional living is about what we do and how we do it. Mindfulness calls us to pay attention in a particular way, in the here and now, and allow ourselves to be fully in the present moment.

This week, we’ll explore what it means to live intentionally by first asking ourselves: What values am I living? Are these the values I want to live?

So often we are so busy “doing life” that we don’t take–or don’t feel we have–the time to evaluate whether we are living in alignment with our values. In honing our values, we can set our intentions and tend them in a mindful way.

Join us this week as we wonder and reflect together…

February Tuition Reminder

The second half of this year’s program begins February 7th.  If you are paying your tuition in two installments and can pay your second one of $65 by February 7th that would be great. Tuition covers activities, guided discussions, and children’s programming.

If you have questions about payments or scholarships, please contact Kristin LaCroix. Newcomers are welcome no matter what time of the year they begin, and tuition will be adjusted accordingly. If you have friends who might enjoy Mom’s Morning Retreat please do invite them to enjoy a meeting!!

Meals on Wheels

Thank you to those delivering meals to Emily.  Providing meals is one way we can support one another when one of us is ill, having surgery, or needing extra assistance due to life circumstances.

Please contact Kendra Field if you know of or have such a need.

Three Cheers for our New Activities Coordinator

Each year we do several activities (such as the recent blanket making!) and we are happy to welcome Adrienne Brown to the Steering Committee as our new Activities Coordinator! Thank you, Adrienne!

Need Childcare For February 21 Meeting? There’s No School That Day!

School-aged children are welcome at Mom’s Morning Retreat. If you plan to bring more children than usual, please let Dawnae know as she will be lining up extra reinforcements for the occasion! You can email Dawnae directly at

Pub Night

Join us at The Harbor House Pub on January 30th, 7 pm for a social gathering/Mom’s night out. This is an informal and fun opportunity for us to get to know one another better and enjoy a little pub goodness.

See you at the meeting this Thursday, 9:30!

It’s good to have an end in mind but in the end what counts is how you travel. –Orna Ross