Getting to Your (Authentic) Happy Place: February 21st Meeting

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
–Helen Keller

Optimism and Happiness: February 21st Meeting

As we gather this Thursday, the 21st, we’ll explore the roots of optimism and happiness. Are we born optimistic or do we cultivate this tendency?  What blocks our ability to be happy? What is known about the brain and how does that inform our happiness? Join us to wonder and reflect on this inspiring topic.

Childcare Available at 9:15 on Meeting Days

Childcare begins at 9:15 on meeting days. It’s a nice time to settle children in place, get a cup of coffee or tea, a bite to eat, and “arrive” before the meeting begins.

All-Day Retreat Planned for Saturday, March 16th

Join us for this year’s all-day Mom’s Morning Retreat for members, Cultivating A Grateful Heart, led by our group mentor, Bev Gaines.

The retreat will take place at a beautiful setting in nearby Indianola from 9-4 and promises to be an enjoyable day of relaxation, reflection and fun.

Space is limited to 15 with a minimum of 8 participants. Click here for a retreat registration form, or pick one up at this Thursday’s meeting–remember to bring your checkbook to secure your spot!

Second Installment of Tuition Due!

The second half of this year’s program has begun.  If you signed up to pay tuition in two installments, the second one is due and there is a registration box on the greeting table. If you have questions about payments or scholarships, please contact Kristin LaCroix. Tuition covers activities, guided discussions, and children’s programming.

See you this week!