Some Helpful Resources from Last Week’s Meeting on Anger


Anger Management Tools from Last Week’s Meeting

Last week we discussed how pent up anger can propel us right out of the flowing river of mindful awareness and smack onto the craggy rocks of rigidity and chaos.

Bev shared the Anger Thermometer, a great visual reminder of how either your or your child’s frustrations can ramp up incrementally from 1 (calm, cool and collected) to 10 (total meltdown).

The Anger Thermometer comes from Tony L. Sheppard‘s website. This site offers solid, practical help and draws from Dan Siegel’s good work.  Bev sites Siegel’s The Whole- Brain Child as another excellent resource for practical strategies.

Becoming mindful of anger energy, we can learn to meet our difficult feelings with nonjudgmental awareness, and work with them rather than getting lost in, repressing or denying them; remembering that this too shall pass even as we unstick the wet Cherrios from between our freshly manicured toes.

What is Working for You?

If you have particular tools or strategies that are working for you when you feel your anger thermometer rising, please let either Bev or Anna McClain know by emailing us at as we will be compiling some wisdom from the group to share in a future newsletter on this very important topic of anger.


Bev’s Questions for Reflection

  • What messages did you receive as a child about expressing anger?
  • What messages are you giving your children about anger?
  • When do you get angry? At yourself and others?
  • What do you do with your anger? Do you bottle it? Act out your anger?
  • How does anger feel in your body?
  • What is one thing you might try this week to help you recognize and deal with your anger? How can you support yourself?

Expressing anger in healthy, safe ways provides the strength needed to break through the walls of fear and resolve the pain, allowing the free, healthy expression of love. –Jack Kornfield

Our next meeting will be on April 18th!

See you then!