Overcoming Anxiety and Stress Through Mindfulness: Resources from Last Week’s Meeting

Worry and Anxiety: Reflections on Last Week’s Meeting

At last week’s meeting we dipped into the topic of worry: an emotion that  makes many of us moms feel like we are negotiating churning rapids rather than navigating a peaceful flowing river!

It’s a big topic, particularly for mothers who are spread thin, often putting the needs of those around them first.

We invite you to give yourself the gift of sitting mindfully–even for a short time–and journaling on last week’s reflection questions, or simply lighting a candle and allowing your thoughts to flow through, noticing what is there with non-judgmental awareness.

  • What situations, people, circumstances cause your worry, anxiety or stress to rise?
  • What clues does your body give you about what might be going on in your mind?
  • Have you been practicing belly breathing? If not, give it a try this week and notice how the breath–this simple tool that is always with you–can be an amazing antidote to worry and anxiety.

Bev’s Prescription For Coping with Overwhelm

When you find yourself worried, overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, feeling stressed, give this a try:

  • Take 3-5 belly breaths
  • Feel your feet on the floor
  • Open to your senses–noticing smells, sounds, etc…
  • Remember you are here to help you!
  • Notice where your mind has been stuck on your wheel of awareness
  • What story or thought are you believing right now?
  • Keep breathing, and as you do, notice you have the ability to direct your attention to something other than what you have been focusing on.
  • How does your body feel now?

Bev’s Recommendations for Further Reading:

The Mindful Path Through Worry and Rumination – Sameet M. Kuman, PH.D.

The Worry Solution   – Martin Rossman, M.D.

Why Worry?   – Kahryn Tristan

The Worry Cure – Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D.

Have a great week!