Connection and Compassion: Preparing for the Journey

Sun at Leslie Landing/Anna McClain

So come to the pond,
or the river of your imagination,
or the harbor of your longing,
and put your lips to the world.
And live
your life.
– Mary Oliver

First Meeting Recap: What is a Journey? What is Compassion?

Welcome Fall, and welcome back to Mom’s Morning Retreat. Good to see all our returning friends, and heart warming to have many newcomers in our midst.

Last week we reflected on the word “journey” and how a journey differs from a trip. We wondered what we might need to take along as we embark upon this year’s journey of compassion and connection?

As we thought about what it means to be compassionate, we talked about being vulnerable and opening our hearts, and about the fears that can set in.

Bev noted “Compassion” by Christina Feldman as being a powerful book on the topic.

We wrangled with the difference between compassion and pity, moving into the idea that having compassion (I recognize your path and your suffering as well as my own and that of all beings) is not the same as being co-dependent (you poor thing) because compassion is a circle and must involve oneself.

Compassion is part of our deepest nature and yet most of us find it difficult to be compassionate with ourselves…we’ll talk about this more when we gather for next week’s topic, “Coming Home to Who You Are”.

Looking forward to seeing you all on October 3rd!

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Fall Meeting Dates–Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars for October 3, October 17, November 7, November 21, December 5, and December 19. Meetings always fall on a Thursday, always at 9:30 am! Childcare is available at 9:15. Plan to arrive a little early to situate your child and have a few moments to enjoy some refreshments and relaxed conversation before the meeting begins!

Join us for insightful conversation and time to reflect with other mothers.

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