Meeting this Thursday, October 3rd: Coming Home to Ourselves

IMG_7763Coming Home: First Step on the Journey of Compassion 

Fall is most definitely in the air (along with flying branches and torrential rain!) so pull on your rain boots and make your way to Grace this Thursday, October 3rd for connection with other mothers and discussion of this week’s topic:

“Coming Home to Ourselves”.

The Cottage in Indianola

“What a long time it can take to become the person one has always been! …Our deepest question is not “What ought I to do with my life?” It is the more elemental and demanding ‘Who am I? What is my nature?‘”–Parker Palmer

Coming home to ourselves.

What does this mean? Who am I?

We’ll talk about ego and personality, essence and true self this Thursday.

Join us!

Fall/Spring Registration is Open

Registering for Mom’s Morning Retreat is easy! You can print out a Mom’s Morning Registration form and mail it in, or simply register at the meeting this Thursday.  Friends are always welcome to come for a complementary visit and check us out! We are always excited to have newcomers join at any time during the year.

A Note about Childcare

If possible, plan to arrive a few minutes before the meeting so you can situate your child and have time to enjoy some refreshments before the meeting begins.Walking In the Rain

Compassion is part of our deepest nature and yet most of us find it difficult to be compassionate with ourselves. Bev Gaines