Last Week’s Meeting: Reclaiming Wholeness


Carving pumpkins and stockpiling Tootsie Rolls in preparation for Halloween? It’s that spooky time of year when our children re-imagine themselves by trying on masks and capes and ball gowns to decide what they are going “to be.”

The idea of wearing masks fits well with last week’s talk. Bev told the story of an enduring clay buddha statue, revered for its longevity, that was discovered to house a golden Buddha when someone noticed a crack.

Like that golden Buddha, our true nature became covered over by roles we took on early in our development that have helped us to “weather” life. We believe the story that these protective layers have created, but we are much more than these masks would have us believe.

Awareness work can begin to remove the clay and reveal what St. Francis called our “eternal loveliness”, or innate nobility.  See these reflection questions for further investigation.

Registration Info

To register for Mom’s Morning Retreat, simply print out a Mom’s Morning Registration form and mail it in, or fill one out at the meeting. Registration is ongoing and friends are always welcome to come for a complimentary visit to check us out! We are excited to have newcomers join at any time during the year.

Pack Along Sippy Cups for Tots

The nursery would like to remind moms to bring a labeled sippy cup for your little one if he or she will want a drink while in childcare. This is not necessary for preschoolers who can drink out of a Dixie cup.

See you at our next meeting on November 7th!