Pathways to Self-Compassion, This Thursday, December 5th, 9:30 am

A Lone Beauty

Caring for others while neglecting ourselves is not compassion.

Most of us find it easier to extend and feel compassion for others than for ourselves.

We tend to treat ourselves with a level of harshness that we would be reluctant to inflict on anyone else.

We deny to ourselves the forgiveness, generosity and patience that are truly at the heart of compassion.

Yet our ability to care for and listen to others cannot be separated from learning to care for and listen to ourselves.

Join us this week as we explore Pathways to Self-Compassion. 

heartFleece Blanket Reminder

If you were one of the folks who so kindly took a fleece blanket or two to finish, please remember to bring them with you to this Thursday’s meeting.

Thank you!