Last Week’s Meeting: Self-Compassion

IMG_4679At our last meeting we discussed what it means to be compassionate and connected to ourselves. Bev read a quote from Christine Feldman:

 The greatest obstacle to finding compassion for yourself is not the acts you regret or the pain or sorrow in your past or present but your tendency to harm yourself with self-denial and self-judgment. You harden your heart against yourself with an ongoing assault upon all that is human and fragile within yourself.

We discussed how we all seem to live under the “tyranny of self-improvement”–we live with so many “shoulds”: we should be better, more …we just don’t quite measure up to who we think we should be.

During this holiday season there are countless ways we can fall short and then judge ourselves for not getting it all done. So what would it look like to live with more self-compassion this holiday season?

Self-compassion is about accepting ourselves and growing in lovingkindness and practicing forgiveness.

At night we can do a forgiveness scan – asking “Am I holding anything against myself?” “Did I cause harm to someone or to myself today? Can I offer love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness to myself? As we practice forgiving ourselves, we can grow in our ability to love ourselves; to be more compassionate. And remember compassion is like a stream that grows larger as its channel deepens…

May your Christmas stocking be filled with kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, love and compassion.

Upcoming Meetings

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