Apologies for This Evening’s Random Post

Dear Mothers of Moms Morning Retreat:

My most sincere apologies for the random post this evening–my nine-year old managed to get onto our account thinking it was his own blogging site… and of course the message was not exactly what I would hope he’d be feeling tonight or that he would choose to publish on his own site which has one reader–me–but the kid must have been feeling some frustration!!!

Practicing those 5 As right now in real time right now, ladies!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!



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  1. Anna No apologies needed, so like life in the family! I can only imagine what I might have written when I was a child, I remember yelling out a window how bad my mom was when I was 8 or 9. ( the way of communicating in the 50’s). And who knows what my children would have said…. Oooolala!

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