Correction: Minding the Gap–Recap of Last Week’s Meeting

Oops! By email you may have received a prematurely posted draft of this week’s Mom’s Morning Retreat newsletter–here is the correct version! See you next week!
Love the life you live; live the life you love–Bob Marley
Minding the Gap

Bev opened last week’s meeting by asking us what we love about fall. Our answers ranged from fall leaves to football to sweater weather–and the invitation to settle in for some reflective personal time.

She asked, “What would you love to have more of– to help you love your life?

We talked about what blocks us, from perfectionism, conflict, exhaustion, to health issues, anxiety, and grief. And we wondered together about how we can move from judgement about these conditions toward curiosity and a sense of discovery.

How can we allow our core beliefs to emerge, noticing what drains our energy, and what restores it?

Bev talked about the idea of minding the gap-that place between the platform and the railroad car; that place in our lives where we need to align with our own values in order to claim fulfillment.

How can we live in a way that is in alignment with our values–minding the gap between someone else’s expectations for us and our own authentic values?

Bev sent us home with a few questions to ponder or journal about.

  • What are three-to-five things you love about your life and would like more of in the future?
  • What are the things in your life that drain you or crowd out what is important?
  • Of these, which ones do you want to leave behind? Which ones will you need to accept?images
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