Discovering Abiding Happiness: This Thursday, October 16th, 9:30 a.m.

photo-13A Note From Bev
Last week we talked about distilling our core values– what matters most in our lives? What expectations can we begin to let go of?

What came up for you as you thought about your personal values?

Join us this Thursday as we look together at a value most all of us would like to incorporate more of: the value of happiness.
We’ll hear what the latest neuroscience research is saying about “hardwiring” happiness. This is not to shut out of the negative, put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine, but rather to allow the full spectrum of human experience to be present, and to grow in using our challenges as opportunities to develop resiliency–the capacity to experience abiding wellbeing in our lives regardless of outer circumstances.
What if we experiment together with increasing our capacity for happiness? Each week, I’ll offer practices that you can choose to do or not, that are aimed at deepening our ability to be present in our lives, to “hardwire” happiness so that we can also “raise” happiness in our children and grandchildren–and send that message of resilience and inner peace into the generations beyond.
Join us!
photo-11Register Now!
Bring your checkbook along and take a moment to fill out your registration form at this Thursday’s meeting, or print from our website,, and bring or mail.

We welcome mothers of all generations with children and grandchildren of all ages. Have friends who would love Mom’s Morning Retreat? Invite them to come along–and “like” us on Facebook!

We do have some scholarships available. If you are interested in finding out more about that, please contact Bev or a member of Steering.

Welcome Table

When you arrive at Mom’s Morning Retreat, be sure to sign in at the welcome table. Pick up helpful information and a Mom’s Morning Retreat bookmark. We are glad you are here!

Conferences This Thursday; Childcare Reservations Recommended But Not Required

 If you have school-aged children you will be bringing to Mom’s Morning Retreat this Thursday, please email Carrie Defoe at cbdefoe at msn dot com with your “reservation” so we can be sure to have plenty of caregivers on staff for the day. We’d like to have an estimate, but no worries if your plan changes one way or the other.
Got Fleece?

We’re stockpiling a stash of thick “Blizzard Weight” fleece as we prepare for our annual blanket making morning, slated for the November 20th meeting.

“Blizzard Weight” comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  The blanket pattern we use requires 1.5 yards of fleece–that’s 2 blankets from 3 yards.

Do you have extra fleece in your fabric stash?

We are excited to once again craft these simple, no-sew blankets to be given to children entering into foster care in Kitsap County. Often these children arrive with little or nothing and the blankets provide comfort at a confusing time.

For more information, ask our activities coordinator Sonja Ross at greenflash at cablespeed dot com, or Kendra Field, poohzle at msn dot com who coordinates this project.


 See you Thursday!

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