Last Week’s Meeting: What is Happiness?


Last Week’s Meeting: What is Happiness?

According the UC Greater Good Science Center, happiness is the “experience of joy, contentment, positive well-being combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile”.

What determines our happiness?

Genetics 50%

Intentional activity 40%

Life circumstances 10%

(perhaps diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, after all.)

Rick Hanson talks about the “hidden power of everyday positive experiences to change your brain–and therefore your life–for the better.”

Over the next few days, simply notice if you are happy.

Get curious about your normal set point – and how you might be affected by the circumstances in your life right now.

Reflect on times when you have felt happy. Let yourself wonder – what was going on?

photo-19Try out Rick Hanson’s HEAL method for promoting happiness if you would like to experiment more.

The idea is to linger in the awareness of positive experiences in order to strengthen positive neural pathways.

  • Have a positive experience
  • Enrich it – 5-10 seconds or longer- open to feelings – sense in body
  • Absorb it – let it sink in
  • Link positive into your life
Keep a record of trying HEAL during the week if desired.

For further inquiry: take ONE of the prompts below and go through the first three steps:

Have, Enrich, Absorb

  • Notice something pleasant that’s already present in your experience.
  • Find something good in your immediate situation. Cozy chair, cup of coffee, sunshine, beauty of leaves.
  • Think of something you are glad about in your life – as simple as having a hot shower.
  • Bring to mind someone who makes you feel cared for.
Join us next week, when Bev will talk more about “intentional activity” and what that means for our personal happiness.

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IMG_4397Popular Fleece Blanket Activity Slated for November 20th. Got Fleece?

We’re stacking up a wonderful stash of thick “Blizzard Weight” fleece as we prepare for our annual blanket making morning, slated for the November 20th meeting.

Do you have extra fleece in your fabric stash?

“Blizzard Weight” comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  The blanket pattern we use requires 1.5 yards of fleece–that’s 2 blankets from 3 yards.

We make these simple, no-sew blankets for children entering into foster care in Kitsap County. Often these children arrive with little or nothing and the blankets provide comfort at a confusing time.

For more information, ask our activities coordinator Sonja Ross at greenflash at cablespeed dot com, or Kendra Field, poohzle at msn dot com who coordinates this project.


Have a safe and happy Halloween!
See you at our next meeting on November 6th!
Happiness is anyone and anything at all that’s loved by you.  
— Charlie Brown