A New Year’s Note from Bev and our Next Meeting is Next Week!

photo-22Wouldn’t it be great if the key to happiness could in fact be found on a one line wall plaque?

(Particularly the one that says Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands?)

Yet attaining “happiness”, or what Brene Brown calls “wholeheartedness”, truly is more of a deeper, sustained conversation. It rests in a cultivation of that mindful awareness as we allow ourselves and others to grow.

Really attending to our self care and really deeply listening to our significant others and really hearing what our children are saying in their words and behaviors is a tall order; an investment of heart that requires a deep commitment to allowing what is happening in the present moment to be known, to be explored with the intention of a wholehearted understanding and connection.

This year’s theme of “Loving the Life You Have” invites us to continue to look at ways to nurture our closest connections, to deepen our attachments, to learn and to grow more fully in the power of our own awareness.

May you have a blessed and peaceful new year.

See you next week!