Lasagna: What’s Cooking at Mom’s Morning Retreat This Monday, January 26th at 7 pm!

Mom’s Morning Retreat to Meet in the Kitchen This Monday Night!

Join us this Monday, January 26th at 7 pm  in the kitchen at Grace Church for a fun evening making lasagna and soup stock! (Late arrivals welcome!)

Come make two pans of fabulous lasagna (featuring béchamel sauce, parmesan cheese, pesto and spinach), and two containers of vegetable stock.

You’ll leave with one lasagna and one soup stock to take home for your family and add one of each to the Mom’s Morning Retreat freezer library where they will stand ready to be delivered to mothers in times of sickness or need.

The cost to participate is $10 per person to cover ingredients; wine and cheese will be provided by Steering! If you haven’t signed up and would like to join, please email Sonja at greenflash at cablespeed dot com.

This will surely be a fun night! Bon Appetite!

The Power of Connecting with Our Kids: Bev’s Current Series of Talks
Connection means we give our kids our attention, that we respect them enough to listen to them, that we value their contribution to problem solving, and that we communicate to them that we are on their side, whether we like the way they are acting, or not.” — Dan Siegel
We had a great discussion last week on the power of connecting with our kids. We are in the midst of talking about how we can come alongside our kids with guidance and nurturing as they grow, giving them the attention, respect, and awareness Siegel talks about.
A healthy dose of compassion towards ourselves and our children is a must as we navigate this often complex journey called motherhood.

Join us for more on this topic at our next meeting on February 5th!

See you then!