We All Joined A Circus.

Our next meeting will be this Thursday, February 4, from 9:30-11 at Grace. Newcomers always welcome!

Often, there is a sense of relief that washes over us when we realize we can release ourselves from some of the nonsense, craziness + chaos of our lives by simply recognizing:


But sometimes they *are* your monkeys and it *is* your circus. And it’s up to you – as Chief Operating Ring Master –  to not only choreograph, but also learn to star in your own personal “GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH” with all your little monkeys, lions, elephants, clowns and cast of characters. What does the *sweet spot* of connecting and being in relationships look like for your *circus*?

Join us this week as we move into exploring finding the *sweet spot* in our relationships – focusing on close, intimate relationships + how important they are for our well being.