*SPECIAL EVENT* Improv Workshop

Join us for our next meeting this Thursday, March 3 from 9:30-11 at Grace when we will welcome local Seattle-based Improvisation and Communication Specialist Matt Smith. Matt will (certainly) share some insight and wisdom into the benefits of practicing improv (the list is long and well studied!) as well as some real-world tactical strategies for finding your own *sweet spots* in life – no matter the circumstance or challenge.

“Imagine an environment where all outcomes, including mistakes, massive and miniscule, are treated as sources of inspiration.” 

Are you ready to see what happens when the rubber meets the road – when you are willing to step outside your default way of reacting to the world and instead choose your response? Ready to use this opportunity to build some of those ‘responding’ muscles?

Get ready to check negativity, judgement, and all the stories you’ve made up (about all. the. things. all. the. time.) at the door and have fun exploring the world of improv comedy.

Want to learn more about Matt Smith? Matt Smith - Nuns - John Jeffcoat.jpg

In his TEDx talk (2012) Matt shows how altering our physiological response to failure can lead to transparency, availability, flexibility and even finding the *sweet spot* of happiness: https://youtu.be/cXuD2zHVeB0

For more on Matt Smith and the Failure Bow, check out this 2013 article in the Harvard Business Review that describes how redefining failure has the power to transform our lives: https://hbr.org/2013/04/go-ahead-take-a-failure-bow