Dig in! Finding the *Sweet Spot* in Parenting

Join us for our next meeting this Thursday, April 21 from 9:30-11 at Grace

We’ve had a burst of weather this week that suggests we’ve leapfrogged right over spring – an easy reminder that the long summer holiday is just around the corner. For many of us this means an abrupt change in our schedules and routines and a certain ‘adjustment’ period for grown-ups and children alike. For some this means we will face the longer days with increased challenges, some pretty deep frustration, hair-pulling (our own, and possibly others), and certainly a unique summer-vacation brand of exhaustion as we try to find our balance negotiating the big energies our littles (and not-s0-littles) walk around the world with. This week we are digging into what it means to find the *sweet spot* in parenting – that place where as a parent you find space to do more than just survive the challenges you come up against. Finding the *sweet spot* offers the transformative possibility of deep fulfillment, moments of joy + delight and even a little bit soul-soothing peace right in the thick of it all. Now, if it just didn’t feel like trying to find Narnia…

We hope that you are able to take time out of your busy week to connect + replenish. The coffee is hot, the folks are pretty funny and we promise you’ll walk away feeling a bit more whole than an hour cruising facebook will leave you…


Giving Opportunity: Diapers Needed

We have been invited to participate in a diaper drive sponsored by Grace Church called “No Child Wet Behind.” All donations will benefit Fishline. Please drop off donations at Grace or Fishline in Poulsbo on Viking Way. Right now there are no size 3 or 4. Spread the word. Let’s fill the shelves! If there are donations in excess of what Fishline can use, they will likely be shared with Helpline on Bainbridge.