Starting With Your Roots

Each of our lives began somewhere, at some particular time, a part of a particular group of people and community and culture. Our roots started fanning out at that time, at that place. They were nurtured by the light and the air, the food and the drink, the cultural influences and geographical norms that surrounded us, and have helped to influence the character and personality that began making each of us, us.


To Map Your One Wild and Precious Life, we need a place to start, and we will start at the beginning. What is your starting place – geographically? culturally? emotionally? psychologically? The beliefs, customs, values, worldview…all that surrounded our earliest days, helped to create our ‘normal’.  This came from the soil in which we were first planted.

And we have each been transplanted, perhaps several times. We have left communities and joined new ones. We have started our own families. All whilst maintaining some of our original roots where it all began. To gain self-awareness we must understand our roots – they are often buried deep and by bringing them to the light, we gain understanding of our motivations and influences that may continue to affect our daily choices and decisions. In this light, we can now make more conscious choices about how we want to live, how we want to find meaning and purpose.

Together we are forming a deeply grounded root system of support and community. Like Aspen trees, we have spread our roots to grow, nurture and replenish one another. In October, we will form our foundational strength as a community of Moms for this year, and start our exploration into each of our Wild and Precious Lives.