Oct 20th Meeting Announcements

We hope that everyone weathered the storm safely. Please let us know if your family was affected in ways that could use the support of our community so that we may help. Our next meeting is Thursday the 20th, 9:30am.  We look forward to coming together with you to continue Mapping Our One Wild and Precious Life.


  1. This weeks meeting falls on a Conference Day for the Bainbridge Island School District.  We welcome older children who may be home that day from school and we will plan to have extra childcare providers available.  If you plan to attend the meeting and will be bringing additional children with you, it would be wonderful if you could let us know ahead of time so we can have the right amount of extra help.  Please email Becky at whitlock.becky@gmail.com with how many children you plan to bring and what ages.
  2. On November 17 we will be working together to make no-sew blankets for local foster children. Please bring a pair of scissors, or several if you have them, with you to this meeting. If you are able to donate blizzard-weight fleece material in all colors and patterns, that would be appreciated. We can make two blankets per 3 yards of fleece. These warm fuzzy blankets provide a comfort for the children, something of their own, that they can snuggle up to at night. We look forward to this activity every year.


We started by talking about our roots and where we came from. On Thursday we will consider, “Where are you now? Who are you now?” We will examine our unique Wheels of Life, a tool oft used by coaches to examine individual areas of our lives and our levels of happiness and satisfaction with each. This provides us with an opportunity to then be intentional in designing the lives we want, to live our purposes, be integral with our core values, and find our joys.  This will lead us into the next several meetings focused on self-care.

We look forward to sharing the Wheel of Life and discussing where we are now, and who we are now. Bring your enthusiasm, your curiosity and your voice to connect and replenish with our amazing group of moms.