Your Oasis of Self-Care

What does it look like to truly nurture yourself – your soul, your body, your mind? When was the last time you put you first, to do just that? They say that those who empty the well, must also contribute to its filling.  That well applies to you and your spirit too, you cannot afford to have it depleted.


Over the next several meetings, we will take a journey of nurturing ourselves, exploring self-care and its many facets. We will start our Nov. 3rd meeting by reviewing our individual Wheels of Life (shared at the last meeting and via the Oct. recap email) – please bring them with you as well as a pen/pencil/markers.  What showed up for you in reviewing the aspects of your life? Where are you neglecting to spend the time and energy that makes you happy and replenishes you for the service you deliver to your home, your family, your community?

Together we will look toward the oasis we can create, or already have, to care for ourselves. While surrounded by dry and barren land, an oasis not only gives permission but requests that you take the time to nourish and surrender to the rejuvenation that is happening around you.