Spiritual Self-Care

There are numerous ways we feed and care for our souls, our spirits. We can meditate, pray, do Tai Chi, walk in the woods, look deeply into the flames, attend services, participate in service, connect with others, and more. But why bother? What does your spirit provide for you?


Ervin Seale says, “…the main business of living is individual growth, the seeking of the kingdom of heaven which is within. Let one take care of what has been given him – his thoughts, sensations, faculties, and he will be the best of all to help his fellow men.”

Your Spiritual Self-Care, the last stop at our Oasis of Self-Care, allows you to care deeply for yourself and therefore care deeply for others.  This is flow and will deliver happiness, joy, peace and fulfillment. Our last meeting of 2016 is this Thursday, December 15th, 9:30-11am, Grace Church on Day Road. There will be much to discuss and consider and we look forward to ending the year with our amazing community of moms. See you on Thursday morning!