Tools for the Journey: Unplugging

There are numerous ways to unplug, to disconnect from those things that are taking our attention away from what matters…the deep love work with our partners, friends, children and ourselves. What do you need to unplug from? Is it your smart phone, your computer, your TV? What non-technology things do you need to unplug from sometimes? Are you racing (literally and figuratively) to get somewhere, to get something more, to keep up?


When we disconnect from what takes our attention away from what really matters, we create space for our souls to expand, our emotions to soar, and our hearts to swell.  We create time where we thought we didn’t have any extra available…time for self, time for love and play, time for rich connections and presence with those who are most important to us. Let’s explore what it means to unplug at our next meeting, continuing to build our toolkits for the journey of discovering our one wild and precious lives. We we will see you on Thursday the 19th, 9:30-11am, Grace Church on Day Road.

Do you know a local mom that would benefit from our discussions and time together? Perhaps you have noticed a new neighbor or new face at school, on the playground, or online…invite her to our meeting, to check out how Mom’s Morning Retreat focuses on connecting local moms with one another to replenish our spirits, rejuvenate our souls, and have time to be a little selfish, which ultimately allows us to be more selfless the rest of the week.  It’s not too late to join for the 2016-17 year, and those who join now pay a reduced registration fee for the remainder of the year. See you on Thursday – and bring a friend!

Don’t forget our upcoming book club! Email if you plan to participate so that we can plan for our first meeting on the 26th. And, registration forms will be available at the 19th meeting, as well as the credit card machine to pay that day.