Friendship for the Journey

Do you have a trusted navigator to join you on your journey? Does that person know you inside and out, finish your sentences, support you in times of need, and show up just because? As we continue to map our one wild and precious lives, friendship plays a role in discovering more about ourselves, how we want to move forward, and if we will be successful in integrating new habits of mindfulness and presence.  But how does one navigate the challenge of making friends as an adult, as a mother, as a human?


This Thursday’s meeting, on the 2nd of March, 9:30-11am at Grace Church on Day Road will help us to understand the simplicity and complexity of friendship. The role that friendship plays in our lives, the building of friendships in comparison to when we were children, and the life cycle of relationships are curious and unclear, easy and challenging, rewarding and full of effort. What have you learned about friends, what wisdom can you share? What do you most want to hear and hope to learn? Come to share, come to ask questions, come to connect and replenish with our deeply caring community of moms. See you on Thursday. Bring a friend, bring a neighbor, bring the new person who just appeared on your social radar and let’s explore friendship together.