Consider Joining Steering

We only have two meetings left for this year – this week, the 18th of May and the 1st of June. It’s been a journey, literally, a wild and precious journey. And one that we have shared together, with words, with tears, with joy and with delectable morning treats. Our community of strong, compassionate and supportive moms will join together for two more meetings to finalize the map of our journeys for this year, while propelling us into the additional places we may visit, and challenges we may face.

The Steering Team is a way to contribute to the building of relationships and supporting the growth of women in our community. You get to be a part of the tribe’s leadership, using the voices of our membership to guide our discussions and our activities. We would like to invite you to be a part of this group of devoted moms, giving a little bit of time each month to ensuring our meetings are welcoming, engaging, and nourishing of the heart and soul.

Consider one of our open positions: Activities, Childcare, Hospitality or assisting with Communications. We have several planning meetings over the summer (childcare provided) in-person when able, meet once each month during our year, and then keep communicating with one another over a private FB group we share. There is a Position Description sheet on our Steering Committee page here.