Celebration: Journey Ending?

Our final meeting is this Thursday, the 1st of June. We have explored so many areas of our life maps, considering the tools necessary, the hills and valleys of life and love, the loved ones that accompany us along the way. Our final meeting will be our opportunity to remember all of the tips and strategies that will allow you to continue your one wild and precious life into the summer and beyond.

And we will celebrate where we have been together this year and where we will go into the future. Mom’s Morning Retreat is a community of strong, loving, and confident women who have children of all ages, in all stages, and who come together to share, to learn, to grow, and to be together as women and as moms. Let’s celebrate what our time together has meant, and look forward to what community we can maintain with one another during the busy summer months before we come together again in the fall.

We look forward to saying thank you to all of our members (please join us if we haven’t seen you in a while) for making it a wonderful year of connecting and replenishing. And, we hope you will join us in thanking the steering members for the time they have put into ensuring each meeting goes smoothly. Thursday, 6/1, 9:30-11am at Grace Church on Day Road. We will see you there.