Fall 2017: A Focus on Joy & Love

This year, we are inspired by joy and love. Joy that can be found within us, among us, and around us. Joy that can be elusive and oft-time difficult to conjure. Love that is about connections, with ourselves, with our community, and with our families. Love that inspires us, that surrounds us, that surprises us.

Can we build more joy and love into our daily lives by increasing mindful focus on positive experiences, as Rick Hanson, PhD, suggests in his book “Hardwiring Happiness?” Can we feel more connected to our own core selves, those around us and life itself by becoming more present and experiencing love based on direct interactions, as Sharon Salzberg claims in her new book “Real Love?”

Join Mom’s Morning Retreat mentor and facilitator Bev Gaines for insightful talks as we discuss being mindful of each precious present moment, cultivating grace and recognizing our own abundance, and observe how curiosity, play and compassion enter our lives every day. The Fall program starts on September 21, 9:30am at Grace Church on NE Day Road, Bainbridge Island. Will you join us? We hope to see you there.