Opening to Joy

Our first meeting successfully welcomed more than 40 women to learn more about Mom’s Morning Retreat, about one another, and to start our conversation this year, around feeling alive, vibrant and full of positive well-being. It was so wonderful to see such a great mix of familiar and returning faces, as well as many new moms, checking us out for the first time. And, three new little ones, all under three months of age. So beautiful.

We talked about both the innateness of joy within us all, and the ability we have to cultivate more joy in our lives. In Buddhist traditions, life is talked about as both 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. “…how it’s easy at times and difficult at times, fulfilling at times and frustrating at times, happy at times and sad at times. Life is a mixture of pleasant and unpleasant experiences, of pleasure and pain—physically, mentally, and emotionally.”

Research by Richard Davidson was shared that points to four circuits in the brain that focus on lasting well-being. Resilience, outlook, attention and generosity – these four keys are within your brain and may be the basis of what it takes! What perspective do you take in your life…what point of view have you come in with, when you interact with your family, your friends, your neighbors?

We will continue to explore joy and it’s obstacles, it’s ability to shift our lives in profound ways, and how to cultivate it, especially when facing the trials of life around us. You joining us for coffee and a treat, to dig deep into the topic of joy, and to share genuinely among women who really want to hear you and let you be seen..that brings us joy. See you soon.

Two books that are inspiring us and our discussions include:

awakening joybook of joy