Mindfully Connecting

There is joy in mindful connections. Mindfulness is about presence and awareness of your bodily sensations, your thoughts and feelings, and the environment. Connections are links between two people or two things. So a mindful connection is about being present for the link you feel with another person. And there is joy in that.

But how do you really connect with others in a mindful way? How does one be present with others? What role does presence play in relationships with spouses/partners, children, parents, neighbors, and strangers?

It’s about deep listening. It’s about fully being with, no matter what the situation or topic of conversation. It’s about saving your opinions and suggestions, not thinking of what you want to say next, not sharing your own example of the thing just said.

Sharon Salzberg said in her new book, Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection, “For me, it was invaluable to see the difference between wanting to help out of my own need to make things better and simply being with.”

real love

Let’s explore the joy that comes from connecting with others in mindful ways. Our next meeting is on Thursday, the 5th of October, 9:30am. We will gather at Grace Church with our tribe of moms, aunts and grandmothers, over discussion, coffee and some home-baked goodies. Connect and replenish with us – we all need one another and our community looks forward to welcoming you!