Giving Love to the Scared

Each year, Mom’s Morning Retreat takes one of our meetings to gather together and create warmth and love and ownership for foster kids. Children who are taken out of their homes with often only minutes of notice, having to leave behind everything that means anything to them, no comfort, no memories, sometimes with only that which they are wearing. And we can do a little something about that. So we do. We make them fleece blankets. We cut and we tie knots together.  And, we create small squares of warmth and softness and something to call their own, as they embark on what can be scary and very lonely. We give them some love.

It’s always such a wonderful meeting. We come together, fleece covering every surface, scissors passed around as we never have enough, cut squares littering the tables, the chairs, the floor, the hearth. Fleece of greens and blues and pinks, all shapes, all images, all designs. Last year we created more than 50 blankets. We gave 50 children love.


While chatting, snacking, laughing, and sharing good company, we will work together on Thursday the 7th of December, 9:30-11am at Grace Church on Day Road to provide additional blankets for local foster children. We hope you will all join us – don’t forget to bring any scissors that you have that will cut through extra heavy weight fleece – for our next meeting to prepare some love for the scared.