“Forgiveness is the essential component to freeing our hearts and liberating our souls. Forgiveness is the food that nourishes our bodies, our relationships and our future.” Debbie Ford

Forgiveness is centered around giving. Giving yourself love. Giving others love. Giving space. Giving credit. Giving patience. Giving a second chance. Giving. What does it really mean to forgive? And we aren’t talking about forgiving your child for sneezing right into your cup of coffee (though I hope that won’t ruin your day). Are there things that have been in your life that if you could forgive, you would be able to free yourself from the binding that continues to tighten and chafe and hold you prisoner? That’s what is worth forgiving. And that is what is the hardest to forgive.


What does it even mean to forgive? And does everything get forgiven? Doesn’t a person have to earn forgiveness? Let’s explore forgiveness…of ourselves, of our partners, of our children, our neighbors, our community, and of complete strangers. If you lead with LOVE, then forgiveness follows. Really?

Join us for our second meeting of 2018: Jan 18, 9:30-11am, Grace Episcopal Church on Day Rd, Bainbridge Island. Perhaps you have experiences that deserve a second look at forgiveness. Perhaps you have forgiven yourself and experienced the love that follows. Please come to share, to learn, to grow, and to be in community with women who are strong, who are vulnerable, and who are moms. We have open doors and open hearts and encourage you to come for the first time or for the hundredth time, and to invite others to explore our group too. All are welcome and childcare is available on site.