Change and Transition

For most of us, when we are going through changes and transitions in our lives, we feel like a switch has been flipped and we must adjust, from on to off, nearly instantaneously. Changes like adding a baby or child to your relationship, moving to a new home, a new state, a new continent, losing a loved one in a way that wasn’t your choice through death or divorce or irreconcilable differences. Or, transitions that include starting a new job, career or venture, watching children move from dependent to independent (at any age, several times over), or becoming the caregiver to your own parents or siblings. Something happens and we must adjust, we are forced to get on board.

What if, instead of the on-off switch, life gives you more of a dimmer switch? William Bridges in his book, “The Way of Transition” suggests:

Dimmer Switch of Life

“Transition is the process of letting go of the way things used to be
and the taking hold of the way they subsequently become.
In between the letting go and the taking hold again, there is a
choice and potentially creative ‘neutral zone’ when things aren’t
the old way, but aren’t really a new way yet either. This three-phase
process-ending, neutral zone, beginning-again is transition.”

Do you know how change affects you? How do you respond to transitions? There is letting go, there is embracing new, there are feelings and difficulties and emotions. Let’s discuss transition and change, let’s share the struggles and the successes, let’s explore together in community and support, in vulnerability and warmth. Join us on Thursday the 1st of February, 9:30am at Grace Episcopal Church on Day Road, Bainbridge Island. As always, we will have yummy treats, coffee/tea/hot cocoa/cider, and a sisterhood of compassionate, caring, and courageous women. We always welcome new moms, aunts, grandmothers, with children of all ages, to come, listen, reflect, share, and grow with us.