Finding Joy in Play

We only have two meetings left for this year so we hope that you will be able to join us before summer begins and we take our annual break.

And how will we end the year? After exploring all of the principles of joy and love as shared by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, it’s time to dip into the playfulness of life. The warm weather, the clear skies, the long days, the beautiful water that surrounds us all scream to us to get outside, to kick our shoes off, and to feel the sun and the breeze and the cool water. dance like a toddler It doesn’t matter what age your children are now, you remember how free they were (or still are) when they were toddlers. They wore what was comfortable, if they wore much at all. They hung upside down. They laughed until they pee’ed and then laughed more. They wore dirt and bruises as their journal entries for each day.  Do you remember that feeling for yourself? Is this a way of being that is still familiar to you?

On Thursday the 17th of May, we will come together for our next to last meeting of the year and we will explore play and the joy and love that comes from being free. We are getting close to summer which can be a time of great joy, full of sweat and laughter, fresh fruits and veggies and smiles. Does this sound like the summer you will experience? Join us at Mom’s Morning Retreat at Grace Church, 9:30am on Bainbridge Island to share in play and laughter in preparation for the summer. We look forward to celebrating our year together and hope you all will join us.