Courage to Feel

One of the most courageous acts in our lives is to be present with our feelings. The river of feelings constantly flows around us. It is full of anger, of joy, of frustration, of confusion, of sadness, of happiness, of pain, of disgust, of surprise…it’s full of everything, all the feels, swirling around, making whitecaps and swooshing over rocks. It can be overwhelming. It can be easier to sit on the bank, away from the strength of the current that wants to sweep us away. To sit in a safe spot, and only put our toes in when we feel that we are ready, and prepared, and able to stand it.

It is courage that we must call upon. The emotionally intelligent are those who can and want to grow in their capacity to be with their feelings. Courage allows one to step into the river, to be in the water up to our ears, and to ultimately find stillness, find peace, and be with the swirl, be with the rush, be with all that surrounds us and not be overtaken or pulled under.


To be emotionally intelligent means that we are to able to be aware of, control and express our emotions with intention. We do not shy away from the river, in fact, we visit it frequently, we bath ourselves in it, and we encourage our littles to explore its depths. We are to recognize our emotional strengths and emotion weaknesses, and the impact those emotions have on others. We are able to pause, to create the intentional moment of giving ourselves choice in our actions, and not merely have reactions (or explosions, that happens too). We are able to have Horton moments – we mean what we say and say what we mean, with authentic and vulnerable voices. (Psst. big courage here)

I choose a tree as the image, even though I’m speaking of a river of feelings, because we want to focus this next meeting’s conversation on growing in our emotional quotients, on getting stronger in recognizing and feeling the emotions that come. Mo Gawdat from Google wrote, “While most of our decisions are driven by logic, most of our actions are driven by emotions.” And as mothers, we hit the motherlode routinely, driven to emotional brinks and then forced to make the next move. And it’s hard. And it’s exhausting. And it’s impossible at times to really see the choices, to actually see anything and still put the right foot forward in front of the left without kicking everything and everyone in our way. And we are calling upon courage this year. We are examining living courageously because it is possible. It is available. And it is easier to be with when with others, in a supportive and reflective community.

Join us on November 1st, for our next meeting of Mom’s Morning Retreat. At 9:30am, we will come together, littles tucked in with our amazing caregivers to play, to read, to snack and to create, and we moms will pour ourselves a cup of coffee/tea/hotcocoa/cider and have a plate of noshes all to ourselves. We will sit in warmth and share with one another what makes it hard, and how we have mustered the courage, even just for a moment, so that we may all continue to grow in our emotional well-being. Join us at Grace on Day Road, for a morning together where we will connect and replenish and explore the courage to feel.