Courageous Giving

Our community of moms comes together twice a month to enrich ourselves. We share and reflect, we open in vulnerable ways, we give space to one another to learn more about ourselves, to honor our struggles, and to air our needs. We challenge one another to accept help and to acknowledge when we need it. This week is our opportunity to give to others, to offer warmth and love, without condition, to those who are vulnerable and in need of support.


Foster children in our community are often without any items of their own, having to leave quickly and without items of comfort to help with their transition. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to provide some warmth and support to these children. This year, we are both making blankets for the young children, and scarves for the older ones.

We have learned how harmful fleece is to the environment, and thus, for the first time, we will be making the blankets and the scarves with flannel. There will be various colorful and fun patterns for the blankets, which will be have a matching color on the opposite side, providing a snuggie to take with them where ever they go. The scarves will be more mature patterns, that are long and wide to offer soft warmth to these children.

Join us for this special meeting, a meeting that allows us to give in a meaningful way, as a community of moms supporting children in our community. Come with fabric scissors, if you have them, otherwise, just come. We will have hot coffee/tea and light snacks. At this meeting, we work with one another, creating warmth to provide to those in need. See you on Thursday morning, 9:30am at Grace.