Courageous Self-Compassion, Take 2

Imagine, as Michelle Obama did in CBS News’ Note to Self series, that your mature and grown self had written a letter to your younger self. In that letter, you may inspire with news of what you have achieved, whom you have loved, and where your life has taken you personally, professionally, spiritually. The last line of First Lady Obama’s letter was “you’re more than enough Miche.”

future self

More than enough. You future self offered your younger self love, acceptance, and most of all compassion. Mistakes may come and greatness awaits. Setbacks and heartbreak are inevitable, and growth will follow. Your soul will be challenged by what your soul has the strength to take on.

That’s some powerful self-compassion. A letter like that isn’t meant to provide an advantage by looking into the future. That letter isn’t serving to warn you to get your stuff together so you don’t mess things up. That kind of letter is giving you space and ultimate acceptance. Be who you are and know that it will all be okay.  Your soul is strong and you will be dealt only that which your strong soul can endure.

Powerful. It’s not about preparing you for what you may not get in life. It’s about reminding you that rather than focusing on what you want to get from life, you focus on what/who you want to become. If you got a letter from your future self, telling you of the amazing and the challenging, but ultimately encouraging you to recognize that you are more than enough, I hope you would do as I am feeling, you would release. Release critically high expectations. Release comparison to the Joneses. Release measurements of success that include letters in your signature (I’m talking about Ph.D. and M.B.A.) and zeros in your bank statements. Release and believe.

I’m reading Danielle LaPorte right now. She’s not for everyone, she’s highly irreverent. And she’s vulnerable. In writing about desires, she states this:

“Deep positivity means that you have Faith that you’ll be okay, no matter what happens. Not if it all works out for you in the end. Not if you get what you want when you think you should get it. No matter what.”

To me, this is Michelle Obama’s self-compassion message to her younger self. Believe that you have what it takes, that you are more than enough to be okay in the end. It doesn’t matter what life throws at you, you got this. Release some of the pressure to get it all and instead, grow into your best self who is strong and amazing and who will be okay, always. Love, acceptance and compassion, all for yourself. Add to your own letter from your future self. Try it.