Spring 2017 Registration Form

This year we will gather to discuss Mapping Your One Wild and Precious Life – the amazing life that you want, that you deserve and that you are capable of finding and creating for yourself and your loved ones.

What do you sense or feel when you hear or read these words from Mary Oliver’s poem “A Summers Day” – “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” This will be the basis for our theme this year as we wonder and reflect on how to be intentional with this amazing life we have been given.

We will explore strategies and practices making ‘mapping your one wild and precious life‘ not only accessible, but fun. The cost to participate in our program is $140.00/year (includes childcare) – and scholarships are available. Please don’t let cost deter you from checking us out. Below you’ll find a link to our registration form.

Please bring this form to any meeting.  If you have little ones who will participate in the children’s program, please also complete the childcare registration form located on our Children’s Program Page.


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