Our Facilitator

Meet our facilitator and mentor, Bev Gaines, a woman who has been committed to supporting moms on Bainbridge Island for more than two decades and started Mom’s Morning Retreat.

Bev Gaines


We are thrilled to have Bev Gaines facilitating us and leading us in insightful discussion. Bev is a Life Coach and Spiritual Director,  experienced mother of two and grandmother of five.

Bev leads meditation workshops and retreats, drawing from the Enneagram, journaling, and other contemplative practices to help those on the path of discovery and transformation. She is a Wedding Officiant. She also meets with people one-on-one in her private practice, Soul Wisdom, on Bainbridge Island.  She is a member of Grace Episcopal Church and mentored the Mothers Nurturing Mothers (MNMs) group at Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church for 14 years.

For more information on Bev’s classes, workshops and retreats, or to inquire about private coaching and spiritual direction, go to Soul Wisdom. If you have any questions for Bev, she welcomes you to contact her