Steering Team

The Steering Team is made up of participants who want to ensure that Mom’s Morning Retreat continues to offer a safe and trusted place for moms to come together in sharing and caring. Each of the women below are moms, are aunts, are partners, are friends. They have infants, they have toddlers, they have children in college, and they have grown children with children of their own. These women are united in bringing a program to you that includes nourishment for the body and soul, engagement for the spirit and the mind, and a regular opportunity to connect with your fellow moms for support and strength.


If you are interested in contributing to our organization, the design of our meetings and discussions, the selection of our activities, and the support of our community, please ask about becoming a part of the Steering Team, now or in the future. We appreciate each contribution made and the time offered in support of Mom’s Morning Retreat.
2018-19 Steering Team Members:
Mentor/Facilitator: Bev Gaines (grandmother of 5)
Chair: Katie Wilson (mom of 3)
Graceful Liaison: Jenny Lange (mom of 2)
Finance Friend: Becky Whitlock (mom of 3)
Registrar: Erin Hill (mom of 2)
Hospitality: Christy Wack-Remedios (mom of 2)
Communications Maven: Lisa Kubicki (mom of 1)
Childcare Champion: Kari Liddle (mom of 5)
Outreach: Kendra Field (mom of 4, foster mom of over 50)
Activities Angels: Emily Mockett (mom of 5) & Julie Middleton (mom of 2)
One Call for All Leader: Julie Middleton (mom of 2)
Interested in joining the team in the future? Our new year usually starts in June, after the final community meeting, and openings can happen at any time as life situations change. Learn more about the positions and responsibilities in our job description link below.
For any questions or to learn more, contact us at